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What is the difference between the “Originality Check Only” submission and the “Submit for Grading” submission?

In the Waypoint grading system, the “originality check only” submission option allows you to submit your paper for a Turnitin originality report. The results will then be made available through the “Click Here to View Report” option that will appear once the check is complete. It may take several minutes or more for the report to generate. Please give yourself time to use the tool and be patient. The “submit for grading” submission option should only be used when you are ready for your paper to be graded. Once a “Final” submission is made, the Turnitin feature may be unavailable. Assignments submitted as “originality check only” will not be available to your instructor and will not be graded. Please be sure to submit your assignment for grading after you’ve utilized the Turnitin report and have revised your work.

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