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How do I Submit Assignments Through Waypoint?

  1. Locate the appropriate assignment item on the course homepage:
  2. Click the “Load Assignment in a new window” button at the bottom of the assignment page:
  • Note: The title of the assignment in the button will differ depending on the assignment week and type.
  1. The Waypoint “Student Dashboard” will open in a new window. On this screen, complete the following steps:
  2. Assignment: Ensure that the Assignment dropdown reflects the accurate week for the assignment you are submitting.
  3. Document: Select “Choose file” and browse your computer for your assignment.
  4. Submission Type:
  5. Submit for Grading: When you are ready for your final submission, select Submit for Grading in the Submission Type dropdown, add a comment if desired, and click “Upload”.
  6. Originality Check Only (optional): Before submitting your assignment for grading, you have the option of running an originality report through Turnitin. If desired, select

Originality Check Only in the Submission Type dropdown, and click “Upload”.

  1. Verify that your file has been successfully uploaded by viewing the appropriate week’s assignment tab.

You should see a link to your file, along with the date and time of submission.


  • Note: If nothing has been submitted, you will see “No submissions”.

Note: Waypoint works best if you use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your internet browser.

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