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How do I print?

You can print directly from Constellation by clicking the “Print” icon located on the upper right hand area of the top navigation.

The Print Console will expand and provide options to print a chapter or chapters of materials, or one section to multiple sections of the materials. Simply check the boxes of the material you wish to print.

Please note: You cannot print the entire book without selecting each chapter one by one.

To print an entire chapter please makes sure the check box for that chapter is checked along with the sections.

Next scroll down to the Print Details and select what you would like to print.

Only course material content: This option will only print the course material content.

Only my highlights and notes: This option will only print highlights and notes included in the selected chapter(s) and/or sections.

Course material content, my highlights and my notes: This option will print the course material along with the customer’s highlights and notes in the selected chapter(s) and/or sections.

Once you are ready to print simply click the “Print” button.
Constellation will pull up a print view of the material and initiate the print feature of the customer’s computer (Print dialog box).

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