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What are the different file types? Why do you have so many? Which one should I download?

We offer multiple file types for download to offer you the flexibility to access materials in any way you see fit. The different file types, with descriptions, are as follows: PDF (Adobe).


PDF is an industry standard file format that allows for page fidelity when printing. Choose PDF if you prefer a more textbook look and feel or if you plan on having a print vendor print the materials for you. With a PDF on your computer you do not need to be connected to the internet to review or study your materials. You can simply open it from your computer.


ePUB is an industry standard open file format for electronic books. You should download this file if you want to display your materials on a portable device like an iPhone, iPad, or Nook. Please note that many devices do not display ePUB automatically. You may need a plug-in, an app, or to convert the ePUB into a file format your device recognizes. ePUB will allow you to transfer your materials to as many devices as you like.


TXT is a raw content file. It is very small and is ideal for those on slow internet connections. Please note the TXT is only text. It is designed to be a quick download. Essentially, it is the original file without any fancy formatting, pictures, etc.


MP3 is an industry file format for audio files. This option allows you to listen to the material on the go.


MOBI is the file type used by Amazon’s Kindle. This option allows you to import and display Constellation material on your Kindle or any of the Kindle apps.

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